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Here’s What You Missed at the Club Expo

The crowds of the Club Expo (Reagan Tomczak)

This past Friday, August 18, our school hosted its annual Club Expo. Around 40 clubs gathered in the cafeteria and lobby to voice their mission to the new and returning students of Cardinal Gibbons. Buzzing students packed the cafeteria and scoured the room for their interests, seeking a club that spoke to them. The Gibbons Globe interviewed the clubs on their purpose, bringing the chaotic club expo to the screens of your own computers. Below are the clubs that we had the opportunity to learn more about. 

We first interviewed the Board Game Club. Mr Reade, the club monitor, informed us what this club is all about. “I am the club monitor and Sarah Iacovelli is the president. We play all kinds of board games, and we are always buying more. I have a board game tower in my office, currently at about 70 different games. We don’t know what day we’re gonna play on this year. Last year was on Wednesday, maybe it will be Wednesday again this year.”

Next up was Book Club. Student Sophie Curtis spoke on how Book Club runs and what you need to know. “We choose the books in the beginning of the year and we read a different book each quarter. We have an end of quarter discussion meeting. We meet every other Wednesday to see where we’re at in the books and who our favorite characters are and we get brownies so it’s really fun.”

Alexander Sandford from Chess Club told us, “We play chess. We do these tournaments, it’s kinda casual right now. We are gonna have them in the cafeteria probably once a quarter. We will email people who sign this interest form when we have a plan.”

Health Club had a lot to voice about what they focus on in the Gibbons community. “For health club meetings, we typically beforehand create a presentation. We’ll go through the presentation about whatever topic. We have a bunch of different types of health that we talk about. In each meeting, we basically cover one of the types of healths and to kick off each meeting we talk about an NHO. Which is the National Health Observant, for example one month is National Mental Health Month. Another month could be National Cancer Awareness, just to shed some light on that and get some awareness. We also talk about prominent women in history in health, because in the past they might not be talked about as much as their male counterparts.” – Megan Alger

Medical Club is a student-run organization that is flourishing in the CGHS community. Layton Bowling said, “We meet one Wednesday of each month. People come in and talk about each of their professions and what they do. They give fun little stories about it too.”

The Mountain Biking Club takes Gibbons out into the world to achieve their common interests. Student leader Kyle Conlon spoke with us and said, “Usually we would meet on Saturday, sometime during midday. The main point is just to have fun and go mountain biking on Crabtree trails.” 

The History Club creates a lively and interactive community full of all things history-related. Club member, Jackson Miller, explained, “We do movies, play fun games, and just get to talk all about history, We get to go on field trips, last year we went to the capital.” If you want to expand your interest in history and get to explore past events in the present, this club is for you. 

The Economics Club centers around one thing mainly: money. In this club, you get to learn more about investing, how to make money, save it, and how to approach the stock market. One student in the club shared, “We learn about money. We have various lessons about stocks, investments, play games, and things like that.”

With as many clubs as Gibbons has to offer there were some that we did not get the chance to interview, and a few who weren’t able to make it to the Club Expo. These clubs would still love to see your participation and appreciation towards the many opportunities Gibbons has to offer. Here is a list that students should check out and get a chance to get involved!

Adventure Club – Ms. Bothe

Robotics Club showing students what they are all about. (Reagan Tomzack)

Anime/Comics Club – Mr. Kemple

Art Club – Ms. Dason

A.I. Club – Mr. Bill Healy

Biology Club – Ms. Kuszaj

Board Game Club – Mr. Reade

Care for Crusaders – Mr. Blake

Chess Club – Ms. Emily Andino

Composition Club – Mr. Mark Cashin

Cooking Club – Mr. Hawks

CREWsaders Hip-hop Club – Mrs. Seninsky

Debate Team- Mr. Aragona 

Drama Club – Mr. Kevin Ferguson

Drum Line – Mr. Cashin

Dungeons and Dragons Club – Mr. Tobin

Economics Club- Mr. Blanton

Fantasy Sports Club- Mr. Blake

French Club- Mrs. Binany 

FYI – Mr. DeLaRosa, Mr. Meyerl, & Mrs. Monti

Gibbons Globe- Mr. Blake 

GNN- Mr. Aull, Mr. Jukic 

Green Amy- Rogo

Green Team- Mrs. Boehling

History Club – Mr. Blanton

Jazz Club – Mr. Cashin

Lancer Club – Mrs. Gallagher

Latin Club – Mrs. Crabbe

Morning Music Ministry – Mr. DeLaRosa

Mental Health Club – Ms. Kozak

Mindfulness Club – Ms. Menon

Mountain Biking Club – Ms. Gallagher

Newspaper Club – Mr. Blake

Outdoor Adventure Club – Ms. Bothe

Performance Club – Mr. Aull

Physics Club – Mr. Perry

PACA (The Performing Arts Career Association) – Mr. Kevin Ferguson

Pit Orchestra – Mr. Hawks

Reel Talk – Mr. Sheehan

The Repeater Art + Literacy Magazine- Lauren Owen

Robotics Club- Mrs. Ripollone 

Science Club- Ms. Clements

Service Beakers- Mrs. Hambrick

Serving our Soldiers- Mrs. Stephens 

Spanish Club- Sra. Shea

STARS- Mr. Festler 

Strategy Club- Mr. DeLarosa 

Student Council – Mr. Rogosich

Tri-M Music Honors – Mr. Hawks

Triathlon Club – Ms. Stephens

Upcycle Club – Ms. Satori

Wiffle Ball Club – Mr. Blake

Yoga Club – Ms. Derouin

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