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Who Do You See the Face of God in Every Day?


The first of the three qualities listed in Cardinal Gibbons High School’s mission statement is ‘faith,’ followed by ‘service’ and ‘leadership.’ 

Every person who steps into the school – whether a student, faculty member, or visitor – is immediately met with the staggering presence of its deeply rooted faith. Physical signs are everywhere around campus – in the Chapel, the Spiritual Life Center, the Grotto, Christie’s Garden, the Stations of the Cross, and many other places. 

The true connections with God, however, are found within the people at Cardinal Gibbons. This faith-focused school has fostered a beautiful community of people who truly exemplify servant leaders of Christ. 

“So in Christ we, though many, form one body,

and each member belongs to all the others.”

– Romans 12:5

The Big Question

When asked the question “Who do you see the face of God in every day?,” five members of the Gibbons community shouted out one of their peers. 

“Blaise Bello shows God in himself every day,” said Nick Drake (Class of 2025). “He always goes to every event and wants to be a part of the community. He works hard to bring people together. He just shows all the things that a Gibbons student should be.”

“An angel in the sophomore grade is David Mills,” said Josie Sotomayor (Class of 2026). “I think he is the sweetest person you could ever meet.”

“Mrs. Ingerham shows her kids great compassion and is a great role model,” said Shari Frederick, a math educator at Cardinal Gibbons. “She’s a wonderful mom, she’s a wonderful wife, she’s a wonderful grandmother. I think she is someone that the kids should look up to, and I know I look up to her.”

“I chose Cyril Sagan,” said William Beam (Class of 2027). “You can always see that he knows so much about his faith – but he doesn’t just know about it, he follows it. You won’t see him slacking off on his faith; he will always be present with it – praying to God and loving God.”

“Allison McElroy,” said Giulia Morelli (Class of 2024). “I love her. She doesn’t have to look happy for you to know that she has that joy of Christ in her. You can just tell that she has such a good relationship with the Lord. Anything that comes out of her mouth regarding her faith is so wise and intelligent to me.”

Student Reflection

Sagan, Mills, Bello, McElroy, and Mrs. Ingerham were posed questions about their own faith experiences and relationship with God. Many spoke of their wishes to continue improving their relationship with the Lord. 

“My relationship with God, while not perfect, is always growing,” said McElroy. “I’ve come to understand that He is always with me, despite not always seeing or feeling His presence, which is very comforting.”

This is a commonality between each of the five people shouted out – they have learned to understand that God is present no matter what, guiding them and loving them in their everyday lives.

“It’s nice to know that even if I mess up, God is always there, and he will always love me for me,” said Sagan.

To many, God and faith may seem like an abstract, complex concept. But these five can confirm that faith is much more simple and achievable than it seems.

It might seem cliche, but I feel closest to God, at least on a daily basis, whenever I close my eyes,” said McElroy. “Every time I close my eyes to pray, or even just think, it’s almost as though every distraction disappears and it’s just God and me, having an intimate conversation.”

These five have not dealt with their faith life alone, though. They have been influenced and inspired by the people around them – their family, friends, and teachers.

“The people who have inspired my faith are my parents,” said Mills. “Both of my parents grew up in churches… they want me to learn more about God and understand where He is coming from.”

Ingerham’s faith has been greatly inspired by her husband, and she feels so blessed to have him by her side.

“My mom and my grandmothers were always examples of prayerfulness and faithfulness when I was growing up,” said Mrs. Ingerham. “My husband is now my partner in faith, and in everything else!”

Cardinal Gibbons has no shortage of faith mentors, one being its very own chaplain, Father Luke Rawicki. He is now in his second year at Cardinal Gibbons, also working as the bible study moderator, a theology educator, and an avid retreat leader. Fr. Luke has brought nothing but positive changes to the school’s faith culture.

“Fr. Luke has been a perfect, living example of faith ever since he first arrived at Gibbons, and he’s one of the biggest reasons why my relationship with God is as good as it is,” said Bello. “His advice and companionship as Gibbons’ chaplain is something I will always be grateful for.”

These five members of the Gibbons community can be inspirations for those hoping to strengthen their relationship with the Lord. Find friendship and guidance in these people – allow His love, lighting their way towards Him, to shine onto your own path.

A Bit of Advice

Wise words from the five shoutouts for those struggling with their faith, or just looking to get a little bit closer to God today:

“Don’t base your relationship with God on how much you see or feel Him, instead work on understanding that He is always with you, regardless.” – McElroy

“Just remember that Jesus wants to walk with you and help you through your struggles. He is yearning to be with you and loves you more than you can ever imagine.” – Sagan

“Talk to someone you trust and let them help you out. They can pray for you or even just give you a bible verse to break down.” – Mills

“It’s really okay to have questions and even doubts. This is often how faith grows. God is right there, so start by opening up and telling him what’s on your heart – even your doubts!” – Ingerham

“One thing that helped me the most was to put in effort every day, even if it was something small. I’ve found that God will always give you more in return than what you give Him.” – Bello

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