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This Thursday: Wind Ensemble and Chorus bring new melodies to the stage


The Gibbons Chorus and Wind Ensemble groups are set to perform in the main stage theater at Gibbons on Nov. 30. The concert will have free admission for anyone who wants to come and support both groups as they demonstrate their aptitude for music.


The upcoming concert will be their 2nd annual fall concert to date, but Mr. Brown guarantees that more concerts will follow. 


After announcing that the Chorus Group has the opportunity to perform in the upcoming Hurricanes game in January, the students of the Chorus Group have been working hard to focus their talents and will have the opportunity to flaunt their hard work alongside the Wind Ensemble group in less than two weeks. 


The Wind Ensemble is a group dedicated to making music and harmony through the sounds created by woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. 


Since Mr. Brown’s arrival to the Gibbons community three years ago, he has been passionately working hard to help the Chorus Group achieve an unprecedented level of musical artistry, and his efforts have been recognized. 


Earlier this month, Mr. Brown’s talent for teaching within not only Gibbons choir, but also within his work at the Raleigh Youth Choir was acknowledged when he was given the 2023 Choral Impact and Artistry Award. 


The purpose of the award is to recognize the work of a conductor/teacher/educator in the state, that is presently making an impact on their community through the choral arts. Mr. Brown’s impact stretches far beyond Gibbons into the Raleigh Youth Choir.


Mr. Brown said that he had originally not planned to go to the awards ceremony, but it is only because of the gentle prodding from peers to attend the celebration that he received this prodigious reward. 


As this will be his second year with the Raleigh Youth Choir, Mr. Brown reports that both groups are similar, but because of the bonds he has with Gibbons, the experience is different regardless. 


“It’s because we have the same belief system that we can make the music more meaningful, and we can really connect on a level that makes the music feel more powerful,” Brown said.


Mr. Brown’s goal is to have both of the Ensembles be representative of the community both within and outside Gibbons. 


“If we say that we have a school that is service, faith, and leadership, then the service in the Catholic and non-catholic community is so important,” Brown said. “What we present through our music is important to the faith.”

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