Column: Why I’m Cray Cray for Tay Tay

Column: Why Im Cray Cray for Tay Tay

Starting off the new year, many students are trying to work harder and get more focused for the coming semester. While studying, music is almost always a must-have, and what’s a better option than Taylor Swift?!

In 2023, Taylor Swift was named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023. Just this past year Swift became a billionaire, the Eras Tour was the #1 concert of 2023, and she was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. While having more than 10 chart-topping albums, Taylor Swift has created one of – if not the biggest – fanbase the music industry has ever seen.

Taylor’s Influence

Swift has made an impact on so many lives, whether it’s through her music, concerts, or speeches. She also has empowered me in these ways and more. Whether it’s through the most relatable lyrics or seeing her live in concert, everytime I do anything Taylor Swift seems to always be there. The power and influence she has on the groups she’s reached is unbelievable. She creates so many different types of music, which gains many more listeners. From country to pop to indie, with hints of alternative, rap, and rock, Taylor Swift knows how to rope in masses of music listeners. Not only does she affect the lives of millions, but she is an unbelievable role model to women across the world, including me. Taylor Swift has shown a way to bring happiness through her music and it seems to calm me at all times. Needing a pop bop or calm song from Folklore, she always Hits Different.

Pfizer studies show that music releases dopamine into the brain and fluctuates blood flow which controls emotions. Knowing that the music you listen to changes your mood, it depends on what you listen to that makes it uplifting, depressing, or any other kind of emotion. Taylor Swift has music for all emotions.

Apple Music and Spotify named Taylor Swift the artist of the year in 2023, while not only being the most listened-to female artist, but of all artists. It’s no surprise that she has the power to influence numerous different types of people. Though many have shot her down by calling her names and that she “dates too much”, Swift still rises to the top every single time. 

Taylor’s Stats

Starting her professional career in 2006, her debut album, Taylor Swift, peaked at #19 on the charts. Just less than two years later in 2008, Fearless, her second album, sold over 12 million copies worldwide. It was #1 on the charts for 11 weeks, Swift was on a high. She won the Grammy Album of the Year at 20 years old, the youngest person to ever do so. She has won Album of the Year three more times, including at this year’s 2024 Grammys. Swift is the only person to ever win this award four times. 

After being on this “all-time high”, Taylor Swift received major hate from the world, and she got so tired of it that she went into hiding for an entire year. Everyone thought her career was done, but Swift was just getting started. She released Look What You Made Me Do with almost no warning, which was played more than 43 million times in the first 24 hours. 

Just a month ago, Taylor Swift announced her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, to come April 19. 

Though many say Taylor Swift is “overrated” she has proved to be one of –  if not the most – influential women in the 21st century. 

How does this pertain to Cardinal Gibbons?

Taylor Swift and her music can be seen throughout the halls of Gibbons in numerous ways. Whether someone is listening in their AirPods (like I am right now) or a poster in a teacher’s room, she is seen all around the building. Ms. Derouin and Ms. Domingos are some teachers who show their Taylor Swift pride every day. Both have posters of “Affirmations in Taylor Swift Lyrics” in their classrooms. 

Whether it’s Mr. Blake playing his favorite, “Should’ve Said No” or Mr. Stephen Ferguson analyzing “Shake It Off,” most everyone hears Swift in their daily lives. 

I asked Mrs. Kozak, educator at Gibbons, about the luncheon she had with students and how they incorporated Taylor Swift. 

What was this luncheon and how did it come about?

The luncheon was held back on Nov. 13. 

“There was a group of senior students who were in my class and we determined that we all had this love of Taylor,” said Kozak. “I found this article on what the Catholic Church can learn from Taylor Swift. We were able to kind of incorporate the two and have it be a celebration. We turned it into a girls lunch in the Spiritual Life Center and we had Taylor Swift music and cupcakes for all the different eras. It was based off of a conversation and it all just kind of fell into place.”

How do you think Taylor Swift influences students at Gibbons?

“I feel like she has very positive messages and she’s very real and oftentimes very raw about her journey,” said Kozak. “Oftentimes real about the struggles she has and I really think our Gibbons students can relate to that in many ways. Her example of being real I’ve seen through the eyes of our girl students. And I think we all have a deep appreciation for that.”

Even through all the backlash the football community and others are throwing at her, she always has her true fans and remains on top, yet again.

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