Our Last-Minute Elective Suggestions

Our Last-Minute Elective Suggestions

With course registration’s Feb. 14 deadline quickly approaching, there’s no better time to finalize your 2024-2025 school year schedule.

For juniors and seniors looking to discover a new elective, here are a few fan favorites from this year’s graduating class!

Creative Writing I Honors: Fiction & Poetry, Semester 1

Hoping to improve your creative writing skills? Look no further than Mr. Reade’s first-semester creative writing course!

In this course, students will work to create a portfolio containing a variety of fiction-based writing pieces and poetry samples. Students are also encouraged to submit their work to contests and magazines as an introduction to the publishing process. 

Student Feedback

A.J. Gebhardt (Class of 2024) commended the class for its heavy teacher-feedback format. Gebhardt especially enjoyed the storytelling aspect of the class which students explored through playing Dungeons and Dragons.

“We ended up playing Dungeons and Dragons, and writing about the stories we developed,” said Gebhardt.

Gebhardt also recommended Creative Writing II Honors: Screenwriting and Nonfiction for students interested in exploring the film industry. No prerequisite is required.


Marketing & Finance Honors, Semesters 1 & 2

For those hoping to pursue a future in business, this course offers excellent insight into the depths of marketing and its adamant role in business. Focusing their attention on the foundations of marketing, students will research product types and strategies used to influence consumers. 

Each week, students are challenged to seek out successful marketing tactics in the real world by analyzing New York Times articles, which allows them to study successful advertising of real goods and services.

Not only will students learn how to navigate marketing spaces, but they will also learn how to promote their personal brand through the development of a resume. This factor is extremely beneficial, especially during the college admissions process.

Student Feedback

Those who have taken the course can affirm its usefulness in real-world situations. Jordan Hannan (Class of 2024) has applied the skills she learned from this course to her own professional life.

“It prepared me for having a job and internship the following summer… it had a lot of applications on how I performed as a leader and social media manager in my internship.”


Sociology Honors, Semester 1 & 2

Ever wondered how human behavior affects our day-to-day lives? Sociology Honors will dive deep into the study of human societies and how we as people interact within these groups.

Through project-based learning and in-class discussions, students will analyze films, articles, songs, and documentaries and connect them to aspects of sociology. To better understand this behavior science, topics will cover everything from social norms and values to social change and inequities.

Student Feedback

Sloane Hinchey (Class of 2024) felt the class did a wonderful job at comparing societies and norms around the globe.

“I liked learning about the difference between social norms here in our Western society versus Eastern society… and how it can be difficult to adapt to new environments.”

To further one’s understanding of human interaction, Sloane also recommended Psychology Honors—an introductory course to the study of human behavior.


Sequential Art Honors, Year-Long

This captivating class is perfect for student artists interested in studying the elements of picture storytelling.

Throughout the year, students will focus their learning on both the history of sequential art and its application in the modern world. By creating a persona and world of their own, each student will broaden their understanding of character expression, world-building elements, and more.

Students will also learn how to format their story panels for both digital and print copies.

Student Feedback

Former student Sarah Goodwin (Class of 2024) was most impressed by the creative freedom she was allowed in the classroom, especially while developing her own fictional world.

“I got to create a whole world for myself that was based in Victorian times, but with vampires… it was a fun project that required a lot of research,” said Goodwin.

Goodwin also praised educator Chris Kemple for providing extensive reference materials, especially on published pieces.


Athletic Training Honors, Year-Long

Those interested in a career in coaching or medicine should pursue this hands-on training course. In class, students will study the foundations of injury prevention through research and training videos. Students will also earn certifications, like the hydration certificate, to advance their skills and prepare them for real-world application.

To receive honors credit for this course, students must volunteer for twenty hours of athletic training each semester. Students may aid in health and emergencies during sports games to earn hours. 

Student Feedback

Megan Alger (Class of 2024) felt the honors training outside of the classroom was the most impactful part of the course. Though students learn a lot through the in-class portion, the training aspect allows participants to practice their techniques and learn from hands-on experience.

“That’s stuff like getting water, wrapping wrists, wrapping fingers, providing bandaids, and sometimes helping in emergency situations,” said Alger.


Journalism & Reporting Honors, Year-Long

We also invite you, prospective reporters, to register for Journalism & Reporting Honors. No prerequisites are required, but this course is catered to passionate writers comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. Participants will learn the benefits of group discussion and collaboration in a formal setting while still working independently on producing quality-rich articles. 

Those who have taken the course previously may also pursue leadership and editor opportunities. Whether you’re interested in social media advertising, opinion writing, or athletic reporting, there is an area of interest for every student! 

Student Feedback

As a current editor in the course, I appreciate its ability to bring together students of multiple interests and experiences. Through my position, I’m able to engage with my peers and collaborate with them throughout the entire reporting/writing process. 

Educator Mr. Blake makes it possible for students to take charge while still offering guidance when necessary. We honor the fact that The Gibbons Globe is a student-run paper, and we do our best to cover a range of topics suitable for any audience.

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