Saying Farewell to Mr. Langevin

Saying Farewell to Mr. Langevin

At the end of this year, we are going to be losing one of the most beloved educators at Gibbons.

Mr. Langevin is officially retiring. From all the laughter to the deep talks about our future we have shared, Mr. Langevin has been there to connect with students on a level that can not be forgotten. 

Mr. Langevin is special to lots of people, but especially to those who have known him pre-Gibbons. Mrs. Ingerham has known him since 1998, where they taught at East Wake High School. Mr. Ryan made it three future Gibbons teachers when they worked together at Knightdale High School. 

“Mr. Langevin was such a dynamic teacher,” Mrs. Ingerham said. “The AP program had been sagging at East Wake when kids didn’t sign up to take AP Language. The principal asked Mr. Langevin to teach that class so that kids would sign up for the course.” 

Once Mr. Langevin retired, Mr. Ryan told him Gibbons was looking for a permanent substitute. 

“To have a great school, you need different kinds of teachers. You need that person like Mr. Langevin to balance everything out. Someone who relates to kids in every environment they are put in,” Mr. Ryan said. “Mr. Langevin cares about this place so much, although he’ll never tell you that, and I think he’s gonna miss it way more than he shows.”

Even if you weren’t personally on a first-name-basis with him, you still know exactly who he is and how he brings so much love to Gibbons.

Although you can see his grumpiness while cleaning up during lunch or driving the shuttle from Carter-Finley, Gibbons will hold a special place in his heart.  

“I’m truly going to miss this place, most importantly the people here,” Mr. Langevin said.

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