AP Students Put Their Art on Display

Art by Milly Collins (Class of 2024).
Art by Milly Collins (Class of 2024).

AP Art classes are hosting an AP Art Exhibit from April 26-29 in the main lobby to showcase all the pieces the students have worked on and stored in their digital portfolios. 

Ms. Rebecca Dason, Fine Arts Educator, hopes the dance will attract more people to admire the art.

Dason is greatly appreciated within the Cardinal Gibbons art community and has played a crucial role in the guidance of the artists and their talent. The exhibit is an opportunity for artists to present the work they diligently worked on.

“Dason really gives us an environment to express ourselves creatively,” said Milly Collins (Class of 2024).

At Gibbons, students are provided with a variety of resources to express their creativity. For art students, the exhibit is their time to shine.

The students are entirely responsible for the preparation and execution of the exhibit. Not only do they set the show up, but also carry it out with care and dedication.

There will be an artist reception for the artists to show the people close to them how hard they’ve worked. 

“It will be basically anything you can imagine,” Dason remarked. “Drawing, painting, printmaking, digital art, sculpture (with metal, clay, wood), and photography too.”

Artists will be able to have personal moments with loved ones while presenting their art to them. This event will be held on Saturday, April 27 from 1-3 p.m. for special invites only.

There will be more than 340 works of art on display. Students are welcome and encouraged to respectfully admire the art.

Come meet the artists in the main lobby from April 26-29. It will be a busy week in the fine arts department, as the exhibit coincides with a dance program.

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