Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The DND Club’s Annual Renaissance Faire Has Come

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The DND Club’s Annual Renaissance Faire Has Come

Noble or peasant, all are welcome to attend the Dungeons and Dragons (DND) Club’s annual Renaissance Faire this Wednesday, Feb. 17 in the Quad. 

The students who so dare may choose to prove their strength in green machine jousting and archery competitions. A new trial, ax throwing, has also been added to this year’s list of festivities. Prizes and honorary titles will be awarded to the students who come out on top of each event.

As for those not athletically inclined, do not fret. Whether you’d like to craft a weapon for yourself, a shield for a friend, or simply decor for your wall, all may try their hand at the anvil in welding a cardboard sword, shield, or ax of their choice.

But what faire is complete without food to enjoy? Club moderator Mr. Phil Tobin will be collaborating with Cooking Club to run a pop-up tavern, serving free grilled chicken wings and beverages for weary travelers.  

DND club hopes students of all interests will attend, especially students looking to become future members.

“Some people feel ashamed of their interests…we want people to feel comfortable and that they may belong somewhere,” Club moderator A.J. Gebhardt (Class of 2024) said when asked about the purpose of the event.

During the faire, prospective members are encouraged to introduce themselves and experience first-hand what the club has to offer. 


What Is DND?

DND itself has been around for decades. This role-play style game occurs in a fantasy world, where players’ characters partake in epic journeys and quests. Members can create any character and interact with other entities through turn-based combat. It is recommended for creative minds who will unite to construct a unique world of their own.

Club meetings are hosted every Friday afternoon in the library. All are welcome to attend!

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