Bye Bye Birdie! Gibbons Rids Itself of Winged Wanderer

Bye Bye Birdie! Gibbons Rids Itself of Winged Wanderer

Take Cover!

This past Tuesday, students and faculty had their eyes on the sky, watching as an unlucky bird flew back and forth along the lobby’s skylight windows, failing to find a way out. The creature, identified as a young mockingbird, was believed to have flown in through the front doors of the main lobby shortly after the school day started.

Many Crusaders found entertainment in the bird’s presence, taking photos of the animal and wishing him luck on his journey out. The Mockingbird also earned various pet names during its time in the building, including Keith, Margie, and Roger.

Though the mockingbird’s presence was certainly a source of excitement, one student felt she had to step in and help out. On her way to drop off her AP art portfolio, Meghan Carraher (Class of 2025) noticed the bird circling the art hall, still searching for a way out.

“I hate seeing animals suffering…it needed to get out into the wild again,” Carraher said.

Determined to help, Carraher and Fine Arts Educator Ms. Rebecca Dason, implemented a plan to save the feathered friend.

“It couldn’t get out because birds can’t see glass, so I asked her (Dason) if we could put some cardboard over the windows so it had to go out the door.”

After blocking the window, the mockingbird flew its way out of the building. Though he will be missed, Roger/Magie/Keith now flies free, all thanks to the help of a few animal lovers.

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