See Which Educators will be at ‘Educators Got Talent’

See Which Educators will be at Educators Got Talent

For the first time ever, Educators’ Got Talent is here and the educators are ready to showcase their skills on Tuesday, March 26, at 7 p.m. In total, there are 16 educators ready to hit the stage.

Ms. Frederick said her advisory made this new event. 

“As juniors, they have to come up with their own service project and we made a list of ideas. The idea of an educator talent show became something they wanted to do.” Ms. Frederick and her advisory had a vision and it started to become a reality.

All students in the class had jobs to do to accomplish their goal of a talent show. Some made the form for the educators to sign up, while others promoted the event. Another group has been designated as the emcees while some collect the $5 or five cans of food donation at the door. 

All proceeds from the event are going to be donated to Catholic Parish Outreach. 

The teachers included in the talent show are Ms. Frederick, Ms. Karazin, Ms. Williams, Ms. Fisher, Mr. Meyerl, Father Luke, Ms. McElroy, Mr. Casas, Mr. Aull, Mr. Catterson, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Hall, Mr. Brown, Mr. McFarlane, and Ms. Buttner.

“There will be jokes, there will be songs, and so many other talents for students to come watch,” Ms. Frederick said. 

Ms. Frederick hopes that this tradition her advisory created can be passed on to a new junior advisory every year, giving students the opportunity to lead and educators the chance to share their talents.

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