Newspaper Club

Nicole Herche

Newspaper Club

The Gibbons newspaper has been a long-standing tradition at our school, however this year we’ve set some new precedents. Carrying on a tradition hasn’t been easy, but our newly named Gibbons Globe was launched this February as our school’s first ever online and continually updating newspaper. From articles on current events, sports, or even advice, we’ve been so excited to share with you our take on life at Gibbons. This year the Gibbons Globe has published more than 40 stories and built the staff to 15 student editors, reporters, and writers. We’ve truly put one in the history books, and we hope to continue sharing our perspective for many years to come. 

You can see our history at the bottom of our home page as well as offer any comments or story ideas on the main browser. 

We always need more reporters! Please contact moderator Mr. Blake for more information or fill out a form under “Contact Us” on the newspaper website.

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