What is Spring Fling? We’ve Got the Details

What is Spring Fling? Weve Got the Details

For the first time ever, Gibbons is rolling out the red carpet for a Spring Fling on March 15. But the most prominent question concerning this unprecedented event is: “What is it?” 

The Spring Fling is a unique event in which students can experience all the various clubs and extracurriculars that Gibbons offers. It’s a chance for Gibbons’ extracurriculars and clubs to showcase what makes them unique to the school. 

This two-hour-long event will provide students the opportunity to delve into new interests that might not be readily available in their routine. Though most events will be held after school on the Friday, some events may be held during community time or even before school starts.

The initial months of the year can be sluggish, to say the least. But in order to reinvigorate students, the Spring Fling was created as a new event to give students something else to look forward to. 

“Share a gift and spread your passion”, the festival’s slogan, embodies the purpose of the Spring Fling: to focus on giving of ourselves to help others learn and grow. The Spring Fling allows others to try something that they’re usually not involved in. 

The event also offers a chance for you to showcase a skill that you’ve never had the chance to show off. So, whether it’s a hidden artistic talent, a musical aptitude, or a sports skill, the Spring Fling encourages you to step into the spotlight and put your talents on display.

Some events to look forward to are the Green Team Clothing Swap, The Softball Homerun Derby, The Pottery Club’s pottery wheel, a DJ tutorial, a piano sing-a-long, and the Economics Club speaker and activity. 

While not formally established, there are more events to anticipate. Rumor has it that there might even be a pickleball tournament with Mrs. Beale where the finale winners of the tournament will be able to play against Mrs. Beale and her pickleball league. 

So don’t think of the Spring Fling as just another event to attend, think of it as the opportunity to dive headfirst into the excitement of the unknown. A chance where you can break free from an ordinary day and expose yourself to experiences that lie outside your comfort zone. So try new things, meet new people, and ignite your curiosity in the Spring Fling.

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